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Sales of residential properties fell by 3 per cent in the province of Québec in April, the first drop since the start of 2017.

Only the Montréal Census Metropolitan Area (CMA) registered an increase in sales, as the number of transactions grew by 1 per cent compared to April of last year. A more in-depth analysis of the data show that sales increased in the area of Vaudreuil-Soulanges (+29 per cent) and on the South Shore of Montréal (+3 per cent), they remained unchanged on the Island of Montréal, and they decreased in Laval (-3 per cent) and on the North Shore of Montréal (-2 per cent).

The 5 other CMAs in Québec all saw a drop in residential sales in April: Gatineau (-3 per cent), Sherbrooke (-5 per cent), Trois-Rivières (-10 per cent), Québec City (-15 per cent) and Saguenay (-31 per cent).

In terms of median price across the province, that of single-family homes increased by 6 per cent, that of condominiums rose by 2 per cent and that of plexes grew by 1 per cent.

Finally, here is the median price of single-family homes in all 6 of the province’s CMAs, along with the change as compared to April of last year:

  • Montréal: $309,000 (+7 per cent)
  • Québec: $257,250 (+2 per cent)
  • Gatineau: $250,950 (+8 per cent)
  • Sherbrooke: $208,000 (+4 per cent)
  • Saguenay: $170,000 (+2 per cent)
  • Trois-Rivières: $156,800 (+5 per cent)

Centris Residential Statistics


12 March 2018
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